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Its been a busy week painting and working through with my website and admin.

The past few month have been vey busy trying to work through my new website and keep up with a painting. I often find it quite hard to share my time between admin jobs like the website, social media, and other desk based jobs and painting. Recently i have tried to structure my time so i have a full day free to paint every week! Here is a little update on a five foot square piece i have been working on.

This piece is based on aerial photography of pot ash mining.

I usually take my colour scheme inspirations and form inspirations from these images, I use the images as source mediums but allow the overall piece to remain abstract. Here you can see the initial layers of reds and blues being added. the layers are added in washes and build up through a drying and adding process. I use a heater to allow the drying times to be sped up. This is how I usually start to create the shapes and forms with in my piece. Allowing the paint washes the flow and find there own shapes. Only once the initial colours are laid down will i start to pick out the forms i want to highlight and use, layering colours creating depth. The image below is about 5 or 6 layers in.

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