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Jo Nash is a Fine Artist living and working in the East Midlands.

She graduated from Loughborough University in 2015 having completed an MA in Studio Practice

Jo Nash is a Fine Artist that practices around the theme of Trace. Her work looks to the traces of humans and life.


The tactility and fluidity of paint influences the abstract paintings Jo produces. The way she treats the paint mimic natural process seen in the landscape. She draws influence from aerial photography uses to record and track the changes seen in the landscapes.

Industrial processes such as mining, deforestation and war scar the landscape, the effects of extreme weather, natural disasters and climate change also greatly influence each piece. The artist draws influence from the effects of these processes trying to show the beauty and fleeting nature of the results, deeming them as the Industrial sublime.

Her older pieces look to personal and direct trace of people through exploration of memory, trauma and loss. Through her undergraduate course in Fine art she learnt and expanded her skill base producing print and paintwork.


After completing an MA Jo’s work moved more in to looking at human presence on the landscape around us, looking at each of our fleeting presence and influence on the world around us. 

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